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This topic is a Draft for the Gaming in Linux presentation that will be done by User:Dark-Fx at the February 23rd 2008 installathon.

Please Do Not Edit it at this time without expressed permission!

Currently all games in this list were tested with Wine 0.9.54 on Debian Unstable, unless otherwise listed.


[edit] Games that are Working in Wine

[edit] StarCraft

Starcraft works great now that Blizzard has disabled the copy protection on the CD, as of [Patch 1.15.2]. Install the game as normal through wine and then install the patch. Please read the install notes so you know what files you'll need off the CDs!.

What Works:

  • Single Player Campaigns
  • Multi-Player mode.

What doesn't work:

  • usually doesn't render properly, but you can still manage to sign up for an account and get into a game.

[edit] World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft works flawlessly under wine. You may need to copy all the installation files off of the CDs into a single directory and install from there, but that is the only problem with it.

What Works:

  • Everything

[edit] Games that run Natively in Linux

[edit] Doom 3

The installer is not included on the CD and must be downloaded from [id software]. Once you download the installer, chmod +x it, and run it. Install into /usr/local/games/doom3, and copy the files from /path/to/cdrom/drive/Setup/Data/base/ into /usr/local/games/doom3/base.

What Works:

  • Everything

[edit] Games that are NOT Working

[edit] Homeworld 2

Game doesn't launch properly. Rumored to work with Cedega, but untested.

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