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HuskyBot is our adorably stupid IRC bot. He is based upon the abandoned Infobot codebase, although he has some rather extensive mods at this point.

His code is available through the git repository I made (converted from techieb0y's original svn repo):


Setup instructions:

  1. Edit conf/infobot.conf to change the nick/server/channels
  2. Edit conf/infobot.user to add admin rights for yourself (see conf/infobot.users-dist for examples)
  3. Import the databases:
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-are.txt files/HuskyBot-are
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-ignore.txt files/HuskyBot-ignore
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-is.txt files/HuskyBot-is
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-karma.txt files/HuskyBot-karma
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-seen.txt files/HuskyBot-seen

Dumping the databases is similar (but please keep these out of any patches you submit)

scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-are > files/HuskyBot-are.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-ignore > files/HuskyBot-ignore.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-is > files/HuskyBot-is.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-karma > files/HuskyBot-karma.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-seen > files/HuskyBot-seen.txt

Note: dumping/importing the database should be done while the bot is stopped!

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