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HuskyBot is our adorably stupid IRC bot. He is based upon the abandoned Infobot codebase, although he has some rather extensive mods at this point.


  • skippy
  • bruceschneier
  • chucknorris
  • excuse

HuskyBot's brain

His code is available through the git repository that NUXI made (converted from techieb0y's original svn repo):


Setup instructions:

  1. Edit conf/infobot.conf to change the nick/server/channels
  2. Edit conf/infobot.user to add admin rights for yourself (see conf/infobot.users-dist for examples)
  3. Import the databases:
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-are.txt files/HuskyBot-are
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-ignore.txt files/HuskyBot-ignore
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-is.txt files/HuskyBot-is
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-karma.txt files/HuskyBot-karma
scripts/update_db files/HuskyBot-seen.txt files/HuskyBot-seen

Dumping the databases is similar (but please keep these out of any patches you submit)

scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-are > files/HuskyBot-are.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-ignore > files/HuskyBot-ignore.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-is > files/HuskyBot-is.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-karma > files/HuskyBot-karma.txt
scripts/dump_db files/HuskyBot-seen > files/HuskyBot-seen.txt

Note: dumping/importing the database should be done while the bot is stopped! Also note that the native format of the -is and -are files are not portable, particularly with respect to endianness. When moving HuskyBot to a new machine, save yourself some sanity and use dump_db / update_db.

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