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* EDS is free
* EDS is free
* Film board advertising is cheap
* Film board advertising is cheap

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Installathon Time Slots

TimeName Title Brief Description

[Attempted] topics/suggestions from previous Installathons (for your inspiration)

  • How to choose a Distro (panel)
  • Intro to Linux Command Line
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Linux on tablet computers
  • Desktop effects
  • PFsense
  • Basic linux
  • Intro to Ubuntu
  • Photoshop running with Wine
  • Open Source Games
  • Schemeing on the command line (scsh)
  • Installing from a flash drive (debootstrap)
  • Bash and Fortran
  • Installing Linux on Playstation 3
  • Installing Linux on Nintendo Wii
  • History of Linux
  • Homebrew PVR (MythTV)
  • Linux Applications/Productivity Apps
  • Firewall - Basic iptables (commandline)
  • Internet Security
  • Vim
  • Linux on the Desktop (Project Utopia)
  • Perl
  • LaTeX
  • Webservers, PHP and mySQL
  • Basic Samba Administration
  • Ubuntu vs. Windows 7 : A comparison
  • Computer Games in Wine
  • NUXI's Security Theatre
  • SSH Tips and Tricks
  • Computer/Network Security(including wireless)
  • Web applications/Scripting
  • Your brilliant suggestion

Possible Event Ideas

  • Bring in professors to talk about how they use Linux in research or in industry
  • Bring in other orgs like AITP and PSG or Enterprises that can talk/show off how they've used Linux
  • Offer things like programming help


  • Flyers in each building/labs where allowed
  • Table tents in each cafeteria
  • Email out to lug-l, pfrc-l, various classes of cs, cnsa, cpe, ee, other computer-related majors
  • Visit classes and give a brief overview. Use it as an event to gain members
  • EDS is free
  • Film board advertising is cheap
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