Installathon Presentations Fall 2011

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<tr><td>  14:00  </td><td>Dan Williams        </td><td>Linux Rock Star                  </td><td>It isn't just Macs that are good for multimedia.  An interactive look at the real time and post processing effects available for Linux audio.
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Installathon Time Slots

TimeName Title Brief Description
13:00 Andrew Meyer Making Debian boot *fast* Ever wonder why your computer takes so long to boot? This presentation discusses ways to make nearly any Linux distribution boot in at most half the time, shown using Debian sid but not specific to that.
14:00 Dan Williams Linux Rock Star It isn't just Macs that are good for multimedia. An interactive look at the real time and post processing effects available for Linux audio.

[Attempted] topics/suggestions from previous Installathons (for your inspiration)

  • How to choose a Distro (panel)
  • Intro to Linux Command Line
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Linux on tablet computers
  • Desktop effects
  • PFsense
  • Basic linux
  • Intro to Ubuntu
  • Photoshop running with Wine
  • Open Source Games
  • Schemeing on the command line (scsh)
  • Installing from a flash drive (debootstrap)
  • Bash and Fortran
  • Installing Linux on Playstation 3
  • Installing Linux on Nintendo Wii
  • History of Linux
  • Homebrew PVR (MythTV)
  • Linux Applications/Productivity Apps
  • Firewall - Basic iptables (commandline)
  • Internet Security
  • Vim
  • Linux on the Desktop (Project Utopia)
  • Perl
  • LaTeX
  • Webservers, PHP and mySQL
  • Basic Samba Administration
  • Ubuntu vs. Windows 7 : A comparison
  • Computer Games in Wine
  • NUXI's Security Theatre
  • SSH Tips and Tricks
  • Computer/Network Security(including wireless)
  • Web applications/Scripting
  • Your brilliant suggestion

Possible Event Ideas

  • Bring in professors to talk about how they use Linux in research or in industry
  • Bring in other orgs like AITP and PSG or Enterprises that can talk/show off how they've used Linux
  • Offer things like programming help


  • Flyers in each building/labs where allowed
  • Table tents in each cafeteria
  • Email out to lug-l, pfrc-l, various classes of cs, cnsa, cpe, ee, other computer-related majors
  • Visit classes and give a brief overview. Use it as an event to gain members
  • EDS is free
  • Film board advertising is cheap
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