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This page needs work. Please don't hesitate to add and make correwctions

The Linux Users Group of Michigan Tech offer a wide range of various useful services for the public and is of particular advantage to students and staff of Michigan Technological University because there is no traffic shaper between our server and hosts on the campus network.



LUG hosts many mirrors and is normally ranked one of the top 10 mirrors for each distribution. Some of the more popular mirrors that LUG hosts are:

A complete list can be found at


LUG also hosts an IRC server for facilitating rapid communication between its members, for various task that range from problem solving, troubleshooting, to tossing the bull around.

IRC Clients

There are lots IRC clients out there in the world. Here is a short list (sorted by popularity in LUG)




IRC Channels

It would rock to get a list of channels and their uses I'll include some that I know, and there uses for the final draft we should leave some out

  • #mtu General discussion for both student and alumni and others.
  • #linux General Linux discussion, and help
  • #beginners A place for newer people to Linux to hang out and get help. (Will have to ask Lego or ehntoo to be sure)
  • #MTUstudents General discussion for current MTU students.
  • #botsex For letting bots talk to each other in an attempt to being down the IRC server (someone rephrase this please)
  • #ballpit "We're adults now, so it's our turn to decide what that means." No adults allowed ;)
  • #pfrc This channel is for PFRC members to let loose and talk about anything and everything science/PFRC related.
  • If you are allowed in the alumni channel, you probably already know what it's called. So don't even try looking for it if you are not one of the All-Seeing, All Knowing Council of the Ancients.


LUG hosts a Jabber/XMPP server. There are many clients for this protocol, which is also used by systems such as Google Talk


LUGRadio Um, kind of a podcast of sorts. I hear they are somewhat entertaining at times.


We install, teach, and attempt to help with Linux, once every Fall and Spring semester.

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