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The Linux Users Group of Michigan Tech offer a wide range of various useful Services that students on campus can take advantage of



LUG hosts several mirrors and is ranked normally in the 10 ten mirrors of the distributions that it mirrors. The mirros that LUG hosts are

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Gentoo


LUG also hosts an IRC server for facilating that rapid comunication between its members, for various task that range from problem solving, trouble shotting, to tossing the bull around.

IRC Clients

There are several IRC clients out there in the world


  • Mirc
  • Xchat
  • Trillian


  • Colloquy
  • Snak
  • Xchat


  • Irssi
  • Xchat
  • Pidgeon


It would rock to get a list of channels and their uses I'll include some that I know, and there uses for the final draft we should leave some out

  • #mtu General discussion
  • #linux General linux discussion, and help
  • #botsex For letting bots talk to each other in an attempt to being down the IRC server
  • #lln Learn Linux Now, this channel is dead but, thats 'sposed to be the home of the linux teaching, and help
  • #ballpit I don't understand this channel
  • #prfc talk about prfc, but this generally takes place in #mtu


I know nothing about this, we have it. Jabber

Lug Radio

LugRadio Expand this


We install, teach, and attempt to help with Linux. Twice a semester.

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