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Michigan Tech has a(n annoying) system of numbers which it uses to refer to buildings in various documents. The building codes for the MTU campus follow:

1 Administration Buildling
4 ROTC Building
5 Academic Office Building
7 Electrical Energy Resources Center (EERC)
8 Dow Environmental Sciences and Engineering Building
9 Alumni House
10 Rozsa Center for Performing Arts
11 Walker Arts and Humanities Center
12 Minerals and Materials Engineering Building (M&M)
13 Hamar House Counseling Center (The White House)
14 Grover C. Dillman Hall
15 Fisher Hall
16 Public Safety (The old Cominatorics building)
17 J.R. Van Pelt Library
18 U. J. Noblet Forestry Building
19 Chemical Sciences and Engineering Building
20 R. L. Smith Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Building (ME-EM)
24 Student Development Complex (SDC)
25 Sherman Field Press Box
28 Rekhi Computer Science Hall
31 Douglas Houghton Hall (DHH)
32 Daniell Heights Apartments
34 Memorial Union Building (MUB)
37 Wadsworth Hall
38 West McNair Hall
40 East McNair Hall
41 Central Heating Plant
42 Facilities Management Storage
43 Lakeside Laboratory
44 Storage Service
50 Gates Tennis Center
84 Harold Meese Center (Career Center)
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