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Linux Install-a-thon Fall 2009

This page is mainly to help with the planning of Installathon.

Tentative Presentations:

Random time slots assigned.  If you don't like yours, change it yourself.  

Cody: Ubuntu for Beginners

  • Summary: Basic stuff in Ubuntu, such as text editing, spreadsheets, and configuration.
  • Time: 1200-1250
  • Equipment needed: Projector

Alex: Efficient Vim Usage

  • Summary: Pro-tips for novices and experts alike
  • Time: 1300-1350
  • Equipment needed: Projector

Jake and Dan: Games in WINE

  • Summary: Different games in WINE (Team Fortress 2, Warcraft 3, Portal)
  • Time: 1400-1450
  • Equipment needed: Some computers with WINE

Gabe and Raven: Linux vs. Windows

  • Summary: A gentle, humorous comparison of the unbiased relative merits of Linux and Windows both.
  • Time: 1500-1550
  • Equipment needed: two comps, one with Ubuntu 9.04, one with Windows 7, projector

Jon: NUXI's Security Theatre

  • Summary: I'd tell you, but then I'd probably have to shoot you.
  • Time: 1600-1650
  • Equipment needed: Projector
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