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Jacob Wiltse

  • WinMPD An implementation of the Music Player Daemon under windows.

Gabe Delgado

  • FlashFire OS - Website - An Ubuntu Based Linux Distro giving an out of the box experience, plus ease of use, and social features.
  • FlashNotifier - A customizable notification framework using Libnotify for FlashFire and Ubuntu

William Cody Laeder

  • The wiki
  • Project Forge (meh)

Andrew Meyer

  • Project Inanna, a Linux-powered, autonomous hovercraft project
  • Project Devi, a Linux-powered carputer project in a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire
  • Robotic Systems Enterprise
    • SailBOT, a Linux-powered autonomous racing sailboat
    • CARD, a Linux-powered pair of symbiotic aerial and ground robots

Kaleb Elwert

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