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== Officers ==
== Officers ==
'''President''': Kaleb Elwert
'''President''': [[User:Belak|Kaleb Elwert]] (kelwert -at- mtu -dot- edu)
'''Vice President''': Jay Vana
'''Vice President''': Jay Vana (jsvana -at- mtu -dot- edu)
'''Secretary''': Jay Vana
'''Secretary''': Jay Vana
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'''Server Administration Team''':  
'''Server Administration Team''':  
Position 1: Kaleb Elwert
Position 1: [[User:Belak|Kaleb Elwert]]
Position 2: Jared Ledvina CNSA Major(2015)
Position 2: [[User:Jfledvin|Jared Ledvina]] CNSA Major(2015)
Position 3: [[User:Thirtysixway|Josh Knight]] CNSA Major (2014)
Position 3: [[User:Thirtysixway|Josh Knight]] CNSA Major (2014)

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[edit] Officers

President: Kaleb Elwert (kelwert -at- mtu -dot- edu)

Vice President: Jay Vana (jsvana -at- mtu -dot- edu)

Secretary: Jay Vana

Treasurer: Josh Knight CNSA Major (2014)

Public Relations: Andrea Velosa

Server Administration Team:

Position 1: Kaleb Elwert

Position 2: Jared Ledvina CNSA Major(2015)

Position 3: Josh Knight CNSA Major (2014)

Faculty Advisor: Soner Onder CS Professor

[edit] Current Members

Jeff Tyson CS (2008)

John Pastore Math (1901)

A'Lisa Krawciw CpE/EE Major (2010)

Brandon Crowley CS Major (2011)

Alex Klinkhamer

Beth Russart

Steven Vormwald

Jesse Wisniewski EE Major (2011?)(fall 2000->spring2002, fall2009+)

Alicia Gervais

Nate Scowcroft

William Cody Laeder

Nick Trierweiler

Peter Marheine (CpE 2013)

Dan Williams

Doug Freed (CpE 2015)

Josh Knight (CNSA Major, EE Minor 2014?)

Kaleb Elwert (CS Major 2014)

[edit] Alumni

Brian McPherson CS Major (2008)

Raphael Mudge CS Major (2004)

Adam Shirey CS Major (2004)

Dan Clark CS Major (2005)

Mary Farmer EE Major (2005)

Steven Isaacson CS Major (2005)

Justin TerAvest CS Major (2005)

Andy Zobro ME Undergrad, Engineering Masters (2005)

Jon DeVree CS Major (2006)

S Gowtham Eng. Physics (Sometime in 2006)

Timothy Carmean CSY Major (2007)

Peter Corbett CSY Major (2007)

Jon Klimowicz CS Major (December 2007)

Michael Senkow ME & STC Major (2009)

Matthew Senkow SocSci Major (2008)

Andrew Swartzendruber CpE Major (2008)

Andrew Miller CpE/EE Major (2008)

Adam Jaskie CS (2008)

Lenore Towne CS (????)

[edit] Past Members

Rachel Pierce (2004-2005) transfered to St. Olaf

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