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President: Kyle Schneider SS Major (2008?)

Vice President: Michael Moran Information Systems (TBA)

Secretary: Andrew Swartzendruber CpE Major (2008)

Treasurer: Jon Klimowicz CS Major (2007?)

Server: Peter Corbett CSY Major (2007)

Current Members

Timothy Carmean

Jon DeVree CS Major (2006 assuming I don't get expelled first)

Derek LaHousse EE Major

Brian McPherson CS Major (2007)

S Gowtham Eng. Physics (Sometime in 2006)


Dan Clark CS Major (2005)

Mary Farmer EE Major (2005)

Steven Isaacson CS Major (2005)

Raphael Mudge CS Major (2004)

Adam Shirey CS Major (2004)

Andy Zobro ME Undergrad, Engineering Masters (2005)

Justin TerAvest CS Major (2005)

Past Members

Rachel Pierce (2004-2005) transfered to St. Olaf

Christian Jacobsen Applied GeoPhysics Major (2007) not enrolled for Fall 2005

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