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MTU LUG meeting Minutes November 8th, 2007

	Next week a thing with the person that does university tees
	Mary suggested something
		but Brian is looking for other options
	Brian will order them but wont give them to us until we pay
	Mary says her company is not Nazi and doesn't spam
	Hoping for shirts before X-mas
	Make sure silk screened and not printed

Server Updates
	Nothing done yet
	User ID's irc names or self chosen?
		anything long as Real name field is filled in
	BackupPC completely stopped working... no explanation
		Could try to upgrade to version from Gusty
		Major version to go to Gusty instead of Fiesty or Edgy

	One more week then bring up vote of no confidence

	Backup PC
		Not reading config from /etc and not seeing archive
		Disk space still open
		not showing hosts

	Backup space? probably 3G?  we're not using that much


There's no place like ~/
	Next week, not enough people here

"Social" Activity afterwards? (220.999)

Packet Shaping

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