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MTU LUG meeting Minutes December 6th, 2007

Package Manager for PCLinuxOS
	command? it uses apt but is RPM based

Server Status
	Quicksilver has leaking capacators
	migrating to new hardware
	Maybe spending time after finals are done
	hardware back from minerva - but not tested
	SCSI backplane might of been loose... now seems fine and is rebuilding

Rack Status
	All the stuff to do it except the rails for the drive arrays
	Craus wants the rails for drive arrays first
	the racks they have aren't sturdy enough
	we were donated $500 by a Alumni so we can pay for all this stuff (base_16)
		All our us belong to Base_16

New Mirrors
	we have crap tons of space
	Imhotep - 500G and 218G
	Athena - 826G
		OpenBSD - 153G, or as little as 60G
		GNU.org 40G
		kernel.org 144G
		Mozilla -all 2.2T -releases 140G

Wemcab for rtlinux/vxworks
	what works?
	USB something doesn't automatically work with every OS
	rtlinux != vxworks

	next week

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