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MTU LUG Minutes December 13th, 2007

	Should come in Next week
	Who's leaving early? (Before Wednesday)
	We'll be contacted

Server Update:
	Still getting stuff in, some problems with drives still
	Rails should come in on Monday
	setup rack on Tuesday and switch everything over

	IRC services disappeared
	DCC re-enabled
		Check with Dave Hale - it's flagged in filters
	Trivia Bot back?
		Jon's toy? it was always kinda broken

Installathon Pre-Planning
	Want it to be before or after carnival?
	Discussed before? No one is sure
	After carnival... Feb 23rd
	Anyone want to make Table Tents?
		Physco might be able to. cause he's gonna be working up here
		Has to be approved early
		They only let a certain # of tents out at a time
	MUB does not seem to have time frames

	He's graduating, so we need a new one. volunteers?

Money asking
	They don't like people asking for stuff twice

Best kernel version?
	The newest one!
	2.6.18 can still burn DVDs
	No run 2.6.19-21
	Wish they would do 2.<odd> = unstable kernel

	Linking servers with NMU
	Try to build a University LUG group network
	MSU - ACNS has a server but doesn't want to link (not a LUG group)

Huskymail sucking?
	Html front end to IMAP
	it's squirrel mail
	probably better to use a real IMAP client
	ironport attacks e-mail

Late Food in McNair
	Open until 9pm M-F
	Foodscript working? WAYYYY back in the day

	Friday (tomorrow) food at 7ish
	Bring your own beverage
	Bring food (or $5)
	White Elephant Gift Exchange

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