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Lug Meeting January 17th, 2008


Held Officer's Meeting on Tuesday

Lead Discussions
	Pre-Planned, Any member, something interesting to bring people to meeting
	Enough Content = won't be turned down

Fund Raising
	Need More money for server stuff
		Especially UPS, currently 25% capacity but only production machines
	Remote Hair Cutting?  only if linux powered
	Corey did Follow up on Doughnut distribution but person did not get back to him
	Fisher Lobby or Dow? both have regular bake sales
	What to sell?  what ever people are willing to make and bring
		Would like to have doughnuts

	New Stuff!! New Ideas!! New Designs!!
	Mary Poster idea?
	Reserve table tent date
	In Meeting Table Tent Ideas
		On Board, Drawn by Steve, dictated by Mary
		Examples of events we might have?
		Send people to website
		Empty front? get people to open?
		Model Table tent on T-Shirts
		Christian will do table tents  :( WHY OH WHY?!
		Myth TV, Home brew PVR (it's like TiVo!)
		DRM stuff, restricted file formats
		Application Tour or Application Equivalents
		Compiz/Beryl?  Mary doesn't like it...
		Getting Steam to run.  maybe done by Dark
	Student Involvement Fair?
		Is it too late? we could burn stuff (CD's)
		CS student Orgs party in CS labs
	Big banner thing for at tables at events
		Andrew will look into it
	OLED Ceiling Tiles?
		OMG *Feels Sick*

Old Hardware
	Not sure... weed out old hardware
	Donation Pile
	Stuff not claimed?  Stick in a dumpster or in front of we support

New Hardware
	Brian has donated usage of new machine
		Judicial Services?
	Couple of Gigs of backup?
		They don't want idle stuff on there new spiffy fast stuff

	Travels a lot that's why not around
	A thing he saw
		Whole management run through Wiki
		Agenda and minutes done through Wiki
		Status Reports through Wiki Logs
		Does Pictures
		Problems...  security?

Wiki Stuff
	Group from DCS?
		Dark, talk to Todd
		So stuff can be ISO password
	Put all of our stuff up on a Wiki like Adviser guy Saw
	Secondary Wiki?  no... not enough cause for it yet.

Server Admin Duties?
	Will propose update to server admin duties in the next two weeks

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