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MTU LUG meeting Minutes January 31th, 2008

Install a Thon
	Approval of table tent? - passed around room
		Switch "Linux Games" to "Gaming In Linux"
	Basic UNIX - Steve, not ready yet
	Homebrew PVR - Brian (Dark-Fx)
	Desktop Effects - Jon Turbo
	Linux Applications - No volunteer
		Change to Productivity Apps?
	Curious if Dining Services will approve
		We think we're all adults, Dining might disagree
	Week before install a thon (Feb 14th)
		Basic outlines Due
	Concerns? More Stuff? Ideas?!
		Make Discs beforehand? a few of them
	Available Distributions
		Default to Ubuntu
		Update Flier
	Timeline?  1 hour for each presentation, but doesn't have to take up whole time
		hard copies of the presentation to hand out
		Copies also up online (on Lug)
		S5 presentations? w/ LUG template
	Update Old Slides and redo?
		History of Linux would be Nifty

	Who has budget for for this year?
		maybe Jon W.  pmhad will ask tonight

	info online at
	TARPIT = Nifty

	Ultra 60 NVRAM weirdness

Adviser (Dr. Merkey)
	Maybe eventually a History of Beowulf clusters
	Either Feb 7th or 14th

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