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MTU LUG meeting minutes February 28th, 2008

	Went Well
		Mac wasn't working :(
	Presentation turn out good, except Myth TV

	Nominations (but who?)

Server Space
	More space, yay! (GZ case with ~2TB in it)
	Taking Dark's server out?  who's here over summer for sys-admin stuff?
		Need Reliable box
	Jon K will be here over summer
		Maybe use him for admin stuff? might not be allowed access
	Fedora - needs to be cut back
	OpenBSD?  someone on campus might already (jeff)

RANT (mary)

	Who's going?
		Kyle, Christian
	It's April 18-20 this year

Discussion Next week?
	Backup strategies
		Thoughts on how people do it?
	Stuff that never works (webcams)

Backup PC on server
	never was actually broken, but we couldn't see that it was

Advertising LUG meetings
	Cathy send out an E-mail? Dark-Fx
	Posters in CS labs
		Monies left from installathon

NMU's Unix Users group
	Who wants to go?
	Dark, Christian

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