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MTU LUG Minutes April 3rd, 2008

Mary takes over Lug

Where's Kyle?
	No one knows

Upset with USG
	Getting proper power equipment for out hardware is a "convenience"
		it's a safety issue
	Brian: requesting 2TB of storage space on the USG server

Community LUG
	Mary intarweb stalked Neal(?)
		the one that suggested a community LUG
	Invite them to our meeting next week.
	Maybe 2 separate orgs that meet at the same place
		then 2 presidents... asking for badness

	3.0 coming out soon
		careful with plugins
	Doesn't use up as much CPU anymore

	is broken, crashes regularly
	NUXI's webpage deliberately triggers a bug in him.
	Mary nominates Agmlego.
		Probably gonna go to Dark or NUXI

Install a thon 2008
	Who's gonna be here?
		Christian J, Steve V, Brandon C, Andrew M, Matt G, John, Mike, Byan
		Firefox, Hardy (LTS good for 5 years)
	Make reservations

	Server Admin - Andrew M.
	President - Steve V.
	VP - Christian, Matt, Brandon
	Treas - Byan
	Secretary - Christian, John
	(not actually a nomination) Adviser - Dr. Merkey
	Elections next Thursday.

Meeting Location
	People say they can't find the room
	First floor Fisher

	who has experience with PHP?
	Trac? subversion + wiki

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