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MTU LUG Minutes April 17rd, 2008

Elections Last week
	President - Steve
	VP - Brandon
	Server Admin - Andrew M.
	Secretary - Christian

	Situation is unstable
	one machine is not on UPS, if it was we'd only have 5 minutes
		not long enough for backup generator
	Asking Alum for donations
	Stuck on 15A circuit
	Picking a UPS that will take extra batteries
		one Dark is looking at would give 39 min run time
		25 minutes then assume generators not coming back on
		gracefully shut down machine and flush disks
	$1270 shipped
		600 back form USG
		400 from base
		Dark has ~300 of LUG's cash on hand
		~500 in MTU credit union
	old one?
		Sell it off?
		hang onto until next year

8U machine?
	Ad on Craig's list
	Bark boards
	Donate to community lug?

Tuner Cards
	Dark-Fx presentation (not really)
	don't forget to make sure all the module settings are right
		bttv needs to be told that you have the US version of the tuner
	Dark-Fx likes the Hauppauge cards

Summer Meetings
	Steve heading up meetings
		Rotating restaurants

Summer projects
	update website
	troubleshoot the GZcase computer

Next meeting
	Old hardware make disappear

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