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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes September 18th, 2008

	Byan is here!!!
	Everyone hand over your sou^H^H^H 5$

GZ Case
	Whenever Agmlego has time
	Need to diagnose the unknown hard drive

Server status
	Ubuntu mirror is updated and working again
		5 days ago stuff stopped
	Fedora mirror was broken for a long time
		Still updating... taking very long time
	Are we a public fedora mirror?
		Agmlego: we might be.
		We're not listed as an official mirror.
		Might change our upstream source (current one cut it's bandwidth)
	TOR? I wasn't paying attention...

	October 11th in the MUB
		Lode printing costs
		Daily Bull would have to pull from other money
			Pastore is on the writing thingy, freeness?
		Table Tents
		Film Board? YAY!
		USG funds - Lode, Table Tents, and Flm Board
		2:00 Desktop effects - Me
		1:30 PFsense - agmlego
		Times? - No one cares
		What do people want to see?
		Noon: Basic linux
		Nuxi: 1pm
		we'll have our area from 10-6
		RAID: 3:00
		Theme Configuration: 2:30
	Spare parts:
		Power Cables - Alex (Chewie)
		Ethernet cables - Omally (Jace) has super long cable
		Monitors - Alex
		Keyboard - Steve
		Mice - 
		Projector - 
		Blank media - 
		Boat anchors - No bringy!
		Power Strips - Ben and Stan and LUG
	Which Ubuntu?
		Intrepid? NO! just hardy it's LTS

Accounting of Hardware
	Agmlego will go through the server room
	I will go through the stuff I have at my place
	Still owe money for Rack
		throw in budget for USG

Other Services on server?
	Freenet and TOR node on there but not running
	Website suggestions good.

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