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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes September 25th, 2008

Server Status
		People that said they'd look into it aren't here
	Not Changed since last week
	Need to move our extra computer (GZ) out of my dining room.
	it was suggested that we figure out how to get more power ($$)
	We have no idea where our power is coming from.
	Mirror ideas? forward to agmeyer@mtu.edu
		OpenBSD? we already have an on campus mirror (CEC)
		FreeBSD? they don't let people mirror them

Where's Byan?

	Peninsula room reserved from 11am-6pm October 11th.
		Film Board thingy *almost* done.  should be up this weekend (we got extension)
	Install linux then not tell them how to use it until they come to meetings?
		(Hold them hostage) hehe
	Presentations should be done by next week

	Who wants to go?
		Andrew, Brandon, Marchus, Alex, Fey, Christian, Steve
	When is it in relation to exams?
	We get $400 from USG for people to go.
	Registration is $35 a person
	Hotel is $94 a night group rate
	$$$ transportation
	Registering the week after Installathon

LAN party
	Borrow our Switches for LAN party in wads
	* in E. Mcnair wants to run LAN party in W.M. Lounge
		maybe later run a campus wide one
	Borrow our 3 24-port switches
	Dr. Merkey, 72port switch in his office
	We'll advertise heavily so they know where their fun came from
		Put out our donation bin

Unicode on IRC
	Random odd characters make managing things on IRC very difficult
	Steve and Jon wrote module for Unicode on server
	Mostly just rule out non-printing characters
	for a Unicode Nick make first character an underscore "_" ?

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