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LUG Meeting Minutes October 9th, 2008

Server update
	Server is running
	GZ box is not running
		turns on but no OS
		Only 256MB of Memory
		Microcenter deal on memory
		Requires DDR we want at least 1GB
		Also needs a Gigabit NIC for it
	Still dont' know where the Breaker is
	More ram for Osiris?
		has 2GB on it total 56MB free
	Andrew: eventually will have all iso's scripted to update

LAN party
	Since we're providing the switch
	We'll put out our donation jar in a highly visible place

Installathon Presentations
	Jon is doing desktop effects
	Markus (with funny hat, aka Spambadger on IRC) can do theme customization
	10AM for setup
	CS1000 getting extra credit for attending presentations

IRC Logs:
	What to log? #mtu and #linux
	Huskybot keeps all URLs
	a warning that it's being logged will go in MOTD
	only new logs will be public
	Vote passes by some amount
		#mtu will be logged and new logs will be available, old will be used for stats
		#linux logged and available

Update mail addy in the wiki so things don't come from Kyle

    • A line in the topic of #mtu about the channel being logged will also be added
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