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<pre> MTU LUG Meeting Minutes October 16th, 2008

Server Status Andrew not here server still has two drives lost will work on after new case comes in mail *false alert...* it was his own server Andrew here maybe make sense now Server is okay, yay!

Installathon Wrapup It happened... it's over. Lots of people showed up. We gave presentations Money for Pizza was wow USG reimbursement for Film Board thing also they'll bug us about the charge for the connection was only $25

Penguicon Steve is doing registration this weekend it's $35 if you do it now USG will refund at some point... we get $400 from them Steve's Yaris is very fuel efficient

Linux Cheat Sheet CS honor society is putting together a guide for freshmen Wants us to put together a Linux guide sheet O'Reilly sheet used to float around

Funding Money was passed to Byan Should deposit money into credit union account Paypal is not a good idea for collecting dues... too many fees

Other Activities Table at nanocon Hand out CD's Weekend after Halloween Corey could help, but busy with PFRC stuff Anything for Intrepid release? it's right before nanocon mcnairlanparty.cjb.net - SCLC quake3 Urban terror counterstrike Team Fortress 2 $2 a head and limited registration Also maybe food November 1st

END </pre>

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