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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes October 30th, 2008

	We're maxing our pipe out and it's fine
	Slow Progress on Kuk

LAN Party
	Only 28 people
	They don't need us or our switches anymore
		They didn't like how much logo space we wanted

	Want Registration, E-mail Steve

	Need to think of Ideas
	Previously we had competition
	Mary designed the old ones
		She's not here anymore
	A new Design would encourage Alum and people with shirts to get new ones

Spring Installathon
	Tentatively the weekend after Career Fair
		February 21st
	Ideas?	Changes? Comments?
	Coerse CS classes to offer Extra Credit
		SysAdmin class is in Spring
	It's a lot easier to install Linux than a few years ago
		How do we update Installathon?
	Mostly we help with weird hardware and odd laptops
	More Distros Present
		CRUX? Arch Linux?
	Games during install
		ET on demo machines
		Doom Sysadmin
	Free Pie
	Two Rooms?
		Partition to separate Presentations
	Table Tents
	More Exciting Presentation
		Getting Portal to Run in Wine
	More Useful presentation
		Getting your Laptop to Sleep and Resume
		Getting Wireless to work
	Actually Give out Official CD's
		Someone going to Order them Now?
		We're one of the Top Mirrors for Ubuntu we should ask for express delivery
		We're requesting 60
	Linux From Scratch Marathon!
		Junk Yard Wars?
			Build the computer from scratch
			Then Linux From Scratch
			Noon one day to Noon next day
		Instead of Installathon

PR Person
	It's in the Constitution
		People that want it: Sean Bulger, Markus
		Vote!  almost unanimous for Sean
		Sean leaves next semester.  Markus when Sean leaves?
		More Events
			LFS Race, Open Source LAN party, Presentations
		Posters for Around Campus
	Linux Format magazine Discounts?
		Like $25 an issue
		Cause we're a student group
	Giant Paper Mache Penguin in front of EERC Tree?
		40 foot Penguin Attacking the EERC?
	Carnival events?
		Glenda Statue?!
			Also Tux, Puffy, BSD Daemon, The Gnu
	Linux Advocacy, See Ruckus
		Linux is disappearing from most of the Labs on campus
		Departments might not want to switch
			but might be forced to maintain interoperability

Campus Network update
	Most recent network outage was from inside resnet
		Possibly one of the network devices
	This brought up by network outage during meeting

Where is Byan?
	He came this time!
	How to set up a checking account?
		Get the forms from the credit union
		Steve can go up to the credit union
	Schedule time in budge hearing
		Money for installathon
		Need receipt from Film Board

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