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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes December 11th, 2008

Order Pizza / Dues
	Who what where when how?
	Dominoes and a pizza per person
	Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Sausage
	total: $41.54

Server Status
	interesting and Fun News
	4 x 1.5T seagate drives from Dark-Fx
	PFRC has requested hosting a wiki (just the database)
	Kuk waiting until after break
	Gentoo Mirror? Huge network outage yesterday

$78 For Spring 08 Server Connection
	Bill is still due from the CS department (they're getting charged we pay back)
	money coming out of bank account to pay it off

Move server connection to USG account
	Steve will move the billing to the USG expense account

Meeting Conduct
	Officer positions need full names

Alternative ISP for LUG
	getting a Cell modem for the lug server during MTU downtime
		IRC not mirrors
	Pastynet? it's line of sight to Quincy hill
	Alltel? very expensive for our use

	Move IRC hub to Dark's box so that it's stable when MTU drops
	More USLUG stuff? sure!
		agmlego slowly changing config files
	Why Fedora break?
		*shrugs* Dark fixed it...
	One person in CSLC asked us to mirror Slackware
		Add if we have space

Winter Carnival

VP Election
	We voted Matthew Gardeski as VP by a large margin

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