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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes January 15th, 2009

Server Status
	Admin not here

	Who wants to disign it?
	Will be WALL-E and Glenda
	Pastore is asking questions
	Due Wednesday next week
	If you want to help e-mail gabby gamyers@mtu.edu

Student Involvement fair
	Happening Soon
	This coming Tuesday 7-9PM MUB Ballroom
	We have a table with power reserved
	Projector and screens
	Who will sit there? Me, Steve, Byan

USG Budget Allocation Meeting
	Two weeks from now 8-9PM

Money Issues
	Check was deposited
	Byan: How Pay CS department?  Take it out in cash and give it to them
		Pay Cathy or AJ

Spring Installathon
	Windows exploits from linux
	rickroll through SSH
	X-forwarding stuff
	Scheme? it's evil!
		Intro to programming on linux
	Figure out who knows what
		Visibly mark them so people can tell
		(T-shirts with stuff written on them)
	E-mail for ubuntu CDs was never sent
		Get them for this coming fall?

LFS Junkyard Wars
	Lock people in a room with stuff
		don't let them out until they SSH out a cry for help
	When is there free time?
		February 28
	Where?  *shrugs*
		Rheiki 214?
	OSX would be illegal
	NETBSD is okay
	Prizes: Hard Drives, Flash drives, Memory
		Contact Next Century?
		Posters? Daily Bull?

	We still have extra, bringing to student involvement fair
	New shirts this year?
		Design?  Brandon can resubmit his design from last year
	There be interest from members present

	Anyone want to do a social?
	*steve skips*

Lecture Series on IP
	There is a lecture on IP and will probably run over our meeting

New Officers
	Can Huskybot be an officer?
	Lots of people leaving...

	Pastore:  Um...?
	Brandon, netboot server?
		X86 laptop
	DHCP server
	TFTP server

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