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MTU LUG Meeting Minutes

Server Status
	Kuk is not booting... nothing is installed on a bootable drive

Installathon Prep
	3 weeks away
	Advertising?  Yes! but the guy is sick
	Table Tents denied they are already full
	Complain about lack of availability for table tents...
		Full a month in advance is ridiculous
	Info is already up on web site
		Noon	Intro to Ubuntu
		Noon:30	Photoshop running with Wine
		1:00	Open Source Games
		1:30	Schemeing on the command line (scsh)
		2:00	Installing from a flsh drive (debootstrap)
		2:30	Bash and Fortran
		3:00	Installing Linux on Playstation 3
		3:30	Installing Linux on Nintendo Wii
	pastore contacted Next Century they may help, waiting to hear from the manager
	Who do we talk to about advertising in the bull? Nathan Miller or dailybull@mtu?
	Pastore will put together some "infotainment" for inclusion in the Bull

LFS Junkyard Wars
	Junk Transportation?
		there is a TON-O-JUNK at the Nerdery
			9:30am pick up
	Steve has a bunch of stuff
	Prize? you get a cookie!

	$15 for a shirt!

	who wants to run for office?
	bribe your friends into doing it!

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