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<pre> Thursday, September 24, 2009 Server Status

   All is well and good with the world.
   Postfix doesn't enjoy 60MB Logfiles.


   Now open for public signups again, captcha protected.
   Don't be evil.
   Links from mainpage need updating.


   See http://lug.mtu.edu/wiki/MTU_LUG_wiki:Current_events
   PR Officer needs to make posters.

Lug Social

   We need to have some.


Those present: Mitchell Johnson (Secretary) Alex Klinkhamer Beth Russart Brandon Crowley (Vice President) Andrew Meyer (Server Admin) Matthew Gardeski (President) Lenore Towne Steven Vormwald Jesse Wisniewski Alicia Gervais Nate Scowcraft William Cody Laeder John Pastore Raven Rebb Nick Trierheiler Gabe Delgado Jacob Wittse Peter Markheime Chris Hasmiter </pre>

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