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10 Officers' Reports
    Ubuntu release going well, server's not very fast at the moment.
    Penguicon is coming up.
        We get money from USG for conventions, this applies.
11 Shirts for sale
    Will be here in a few minutes
22 SIF Jan 19, please start thinking of some awesome demonstration
    We need a booth.  Anyone want to volunteer?
20 Open Floor
    Ubuntu may introduce a paid distribution model within synaptic.  How would this effect things?
        Probably not much.
    Firefox clicking problems.
        We don't have any suggestions, but dig around on launchpad.
30 Flashfire OS
    A customized ubuntu by one of our members
    aims to improve the user's experience out of the box, including beter
    It's like c++ for ubuntu, ubuntu incremented.
        gwibber, integrated with desktop notifications
        multimedia codecs and flash
        desktop notification greetings for new users
        a web-based package manager based around apt-url
50 QA
60 Shell Server/Dismissal

70 GOTO 10 # Next week
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