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<pre> 10 Officers' Reports

   11 Server Status
       Servers are working.
       Ubuntu release has calmed down
       Telcom meeting went well, but we should advertise more, to let people know what we're doing with all that bandwidth.
   12 Treasurer Position
           Come to meetings
           Make up a budget and attend a USG meeting.
           Post nominations on the wiki.

20 Communications Rules

   Formalizing rules for the different communications channels the lug provides, post suggestions on the wiki.

30 Shell Server

   Accepting accounts -> email agmeyer@mtu.edu or /msg agmlego on IRC

40 Open Floor

   Mailing List
       Secondary list for moderated linux help?
       Exists now.  linux-help-l@mtu.edu
       Moderated list, subscribe if you either want help or to provide help.
       Poke our benevolent overlord if you'd like to moderate.
       We're missing a link to the archlinux ISO mirrors from the ISO mirrors page.  Andrew Meyer will fix it.

50 Guide to IRC, Part 1: Pidgin/Empathy

   See the wiki.
   Part 2 next week, XChat
   Part 3 week after, irssi

60 Questions. / Answers? 70 SLEEP 604740 80 GOTO 10 # Next week </pre>

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