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0. Officers' Reports

1. Shell Server
    It's up, private message agmlego on IRC with a desired user name and a your real name

2. Presentation Schedule

3. Treasurer Nominations
    - Enlightenment now has corporate sponsorship
    - FlashFire releasing tomorrow (hopefully)

4. Open Floor

5. Fluxbox and Minimal Desktops (by Kelwing)
    - Using "slim" which is a desktop manager (using with fluxbox)
    - Everything for fluxbox config is in ~/.fluxbox
    - Starts editing menu file, lines ore in the format [exec] (Label) (command -to -be executed)
    - Wallpapers? fbsetbg (depends on hsetroot OR esetroot)
    - Tabbed windows, use middle-click + drag onto another window, huge space saver
6. QA

7. Linux Audio (by Dan)
    - Using jack
    - Program named Hydrogen, does drum beats and stuff
    - But audio doesn't work... owait it does
    - Bristol does some cool synth emulation
    - It's got a modular synthesizer (AlsaModularSynth (ams))
    - Jack can send audio between programs, also midi signals.
    - Using ardour for mixing
8. QA

9. ^C
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