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0. Officers' Reports
    Server hasn't blown up.
1. Treasurer Election
        Alex Klinkhamer  - 2
        Nathan Scowcraft - 4
        Jacob Wiltse     - 5
        3 Abstain
        Jacob Wiltse is the new Treasurer.
2. Spring Installathon
       Gabe Delgado, Nathan Scowcraft, Mario Someone, Adam Allquist, Raven Rebb
3. Open Floor
    What does lug do?
        We provide services and facilities to ease linux use.
    Google wave for mtu members
        search:  group:mtu-wave@googlegroups.com
4. Peter - The joy of tiling window managers
5. Gabe - FlashFire OS Tips and Tricks (v1.0 should be out by then)
6. Andrew - Guidelines to IRC Part II: X-Chat
7. QA
8. :x
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