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0. Officers' Reports
    Server hasn't blown up.
   Treasurer needs a date for installathon to put on table tents.
1. Upgrades
    Servers moving from etch to lenny on 2009-12-17
    (Boo downtime)
2. Open Floor
    PFSense stops doing stuff for a while?
      Check the dmesg.
    Chromium for linux has extensions (yay)
    Cathy still hasn't got her t-shirt
      Smack Matt.
    IRCOps still aren't opped
      Lego has homeworks.
3. Guide to IRC, Part 3:  IRSSI
    "All IRC clients suck, this one sucks less."
4. QA
5. System Administration of Clusters
6. QA
//7. exit(0);
8. Installathon discussion (Interested parties only)
9. exit(0);
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