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0. Officers' Reports / Committee's Reports
   Sekhmet will be rebooted on Saturday
   Fedora and Arch have been finnicky lately, notify andrew if they break.
   Is anyone down at old meeting room (131?)  (Now in 328)
      Vice President nominated to go check by Andrew Meyer.
      Mitchell seconds.
   No stragglers
1. Installathon
   No progress?
   Committee members are not present for the most part.
   March 20th has been suggested.
   Motioned and seconded.
      Someone will register room.
2. Penguicon
   Linux/SciFi convention weekend immediately following finals week.
   Group rate is about to go up, we need to register.
   We'll have to kick USG to get funding.
3. Auction
   Next week!  No actual meeting.
   Live bidding, must be present, must be a member.
   Pay your dues, or else.
4. Student Involvment Fair Wrapup
   Went poorly, small turnout.
5. Purchases
   We can buy 2 P4 Xeons, 4 cores a piece, running 2.4ghz.
   Vote passes with none against, assuming they work.
6. Open Floor
   Keyboard breaks on login, but only one one account?
      We've got some suggestions, but nothing definite.
      SCIM, broken ubuntu update...
7. Impromptu Presentations?
   None, but a very interesting conversation on Sunrays and their origins.
8. exit(-1);
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