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0. Officers' Reports / Committee's Reports
    Ubuntu disk requests are in.
1. NotACon
    Defcon, but not.
    $225/person, possibly less if MTU appearance fund picks up.
    April 15-18
3. Installathon
    Nothing extra to report
8. Parts/PCB Orders
    A.G. Meyer is placing a PCB and Parts order.
    Email him about stuff.
F. Penguicon
    Penguicon chair, he say:
        Links doesn't work very well for the penguicon website.
    Costuming is acceptable, unlike at NotACon
    Troy, MI, possible spending of our convention budget
    Email chair at 
2. Open Floor
    When a linux computer is hacked?  Reinstall.
    If you're on the MTU network, you /should be running/ fail2ban.
    Mollyguard will save your ass on remote halt.
4. Impromptu Presentations?
6. Budget
    We require one by as soon as possible.
    Treasurer is going to collaborate with former treasurer.
    Look into subsidizing trips with Student Activity Fund
B. exit(0xDEADE885);
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