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alpha.  Officers' Reports / Committee's Reports
    Server Status:  Not melted, any of them.
                    Arch less broken, Fedora more broken.
beta.   Budget
    Budget hearings on the fifth.  We need one.
    We are going to attempt to actually get some hardware budget this year.
    Possibly attempt to argue its necessity.
    Sekhmet counts as a donation of roughly $550
    To Request:
      Network Connection $25/mo, 12 months, $300
      Installathons   same as last budget
      Spare Drives    $135/piece, 2 drives, $270
      Advertising    - same as last budget
      Convention(s)  4 people, registration $55/person, travel - 500 miles w/ vehicle $600
                     and housing - 3 nights, $100/person/night, food - $30/person/day
      Special Events  $100
gamma.  5 - 1
delta.  Installathon
    Requesting peninsula room, alumni lounge as second choice
    Projector, screen, network connection
    Much more advertisement
    March 20th
    50 CDs will be coming, probably in time.
    Prepare presentations early
    No new news
zeta.   Slackware 13.1
    It's coming out!  Not many people are interested.
eta.    Open Floor
    Email Dr. Merkey if you're interested in possible server administration stuff.
theta.  Presentation - Gabe
    Planning for choosing the right linux distro
    Any suggestions?
      Moblin > Meego
iota.   Q & A
kappa.  exit(23)
B. exit(0xDEADB33F);
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