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3'b000 Officers' Reports
    Budget in on time, we haven't heard back yet
    Server isn't in flames
3'b001 Conventions
    We are already approved for four people's funding
    $40/person registration presently (?)
    Notacon (agmeyer is not present)
3'b010 Installathon
    MUB Commons, April 3
    Nerf guns to shoot people talking during presentations
    Sunray setup?  We'll just have to grab lots of CRTs
    Ubuntu Pressed CDs are here (hooray!)
3'b011 Open Floor
    Ubuntu is getting a new theme.  It's been dyed in grape juice.
3'b100 Presentation?  No takers.
3'b101 Q & A
3'b110 Leave.

Those Present:
Mitchell Johnson
Matthew Gardeski
Brandon Crowley
Peter Marheine
Nick Trierweile
Casey Timm
Jacob Wiltse
Raven Rebb
Dan Williams
Alicia Gervais
Gabe Delgado
Chris Hastreiter
Adam Ahlquist
Alex Klinkhamer
Beth Russart


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