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0. Officers' Reports
    Matt showed up, finished exam early.
    We don't know how we pay for the server bandwidth.
    Sekmeht had an issue over the weekend.
1. Installathon
    Raven has all of the table tents printed out.
    Working on folding them.
    We need people to help at 7am to set them out.
    Andrew has hammers.
    Presentations should be done tonight.
    Bring all of your equipment to the installathon.
2. Penguicon
    Registrations are complete.
    Need to find loging.
3. April Fools Day
    XKCD is awesome today.
    Google had some good ones.
    Google standard voice mail.
    Andrew is angry at slashdot.
4. Open Floor
    Judge rules that wiretapping unconstitutional.
    Solaris is no longer free.
    Hurd is now dead.
    Eff has apple iphone agreement.
5. Exit(-88486)

Those Present:
Jacob Wiltse
Andrew Meyer
Peter Mahreine
Nick Trierweiler
Dan Williams
Adam Ahlquist
Matt Gardeski
Gabe Delgado
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