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0x0 Officers' Reports
    Servers not on fire
    Requesting money from ways and means next wednesday
0x1 Conventions
    Penguicon is in ~3wks
    Reimburse via cash
Sidenote: K-Fest on campus, things are a bit hectic
0x2 Open Floor
    Some members have gotten access to a really sweet dedicated server
    We're invited to f'all nighter.
    Pick a date for fall installathon -> October 9, the week after homecoming, same as last year.
0x3 Presentation?
0x4 Q & A
0x5 Leave.
0x6 Installathon Suggestions
    Advertise more effectively (filmboard, periodicals)
    Nanocon integration?
0x7 Nominations for officers opening.
    Server Bitch:
        Andrew, Peter
    Public Relations:
        Matt, Lauren, Cory
    Nominations closing next thursday.
    Vote thursday after.

Members Present:
Mitchell Johnson
Gabe Delgado
Raven Rebb
Jacob Wiltse
Nick Trierweiler
Casey Timm
Peter Marheine
Beth Russart
Matt Gardeski
Jesse Wisniewski
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