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 0. Officers & Committes Reports
   No SAF Money yet
   Servers won't melt until thursday
   No room reservations quite yet.
 1. Officer Nominations
     Matt Gardeski
   Vice President
     Nick Treweiler
     Peter Marheine
     Raven Rebb
     Jacob Wiltse
     Dan Williams
     Raven Rebb
     Dan Williams

Nominations close.

 2. Officer Elections
   President: Matt Gardeski
   Vice President: Nick Treweiler
   Treasurer: Raven Rebb
   Secretary: Jacob Wiltse
   Public Relations: Dan Williams
 3. Penguicon
   Lodging?  Dunno.
   Meeting?  Show up at venue, wait for everyone to arrive?
   If you need a ride, post on the list, someone will be willing to give you one.
   Starxplor will provide lodging - camp or stay inside?  Majority vote of stay inside.
     Room for 8?  Yes.
     Show up when?
 3.5 Meeting Next week ? meet : z=len(summer);
   No meeting.
 4. Presentations?
 5. Open Floor
   Potential data scraping job - see dr. merkey
   Tech express website suck.
 5. exit(z)

Members Present: Mitchell Johnson Matthew Gardeski Andrew Meyer Bryan Laur Alicia P Gervais Dan Williams Raven Rebb Jacob Wiltse Nick Trier... Casey Timm Peter Marheine Adam Ahlquist Chirs Hastreiter Beth Russart Phil Merkey Thisisnolonger Wrothgar </pre>

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