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0. Server Status
   Fedora is borked
1. Officers introductions
2. Installathon
  We got the rooms and days we decided on last year.
3. Website
  Looking for someone to update website.
  We have 2 people interested.
4. Involvement
  It sucks.
  We are not an official club yet.
  Removing flash makes websites nicer.
5. Dues
  $5 a semester.
  Raven will be at every meeting.
6. T-Shirts
  We can get them if someone submits a design.
  We still have old ones for sale.
7. Events Coming Up
  K-Day - Do we want a table?
        - Burn Ubuntu CDs.
        - Should we try for power? Ya
8. Server
  Should we mirror more things?
    OpenSUSE - We'll look into it.
  Any services?
  Sekhmet accounts available.  People won't be doing OS homework on it.
9. Fun Stuff
  Should we have a junk yard wars computer building contest?
  Let's have a computer building presentation in the future.
10. Parade of Nations
  Dress up like penguins?
11. Open Floor
  Arch now has a multilib repo.
  Takara cells transformers toys that actually work. (FLASH!!)
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