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0. Officers Reports
  Server is not broken.
  Do we have last years budget?
1. Junkyard War
  Junkyard war should go on just before the 25th.  There will be tons of stuff thrown out.
    Will be an afternoon event on sept 24th.
    6pm - 12pm ish
2. Installathon
  Need to plan presentations
  Poster is spelled wrong
  Posted on involvement website
4. Logo Standards
  We have a fixed version, just need to upload it.
5. Involvement complaints
  Too many members!
6. Banweb
  Hardly works under linux.
  Broken! It is slow.
7. Open Floor
  Google Instant was just rolled out.

Matthew Gardeski
Nick Trierweiler
Douglas Freed
Ryan Hamilton
Neil Wenger
Adam Ahlquist
Dan Williams
Raven Rebb
Justin Shananaquet
John Pastore!!!
Jon Parker
Stephen Radachy
Josh Knight
Alicia P. Gervais
Gabe Delgado
Katie May
Christian Jacobson
Andrew Meyer
Jay Vana
Stephan Ebert
Jacob Wiltse
Peter Marheine
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