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0. Officer's Reports
  Servers are running well.
  Installathon posters have been printed.
1. K-Day Recap
  Things went well
  We got 5 names, gave away 3 ubuntu cds
2. Installathon
  We need presentations.
  We need to do table tents - dan get on that.
  Contact departments about table tent policy in labs
  Could chalk the sidewalks.
  Professors don't know what installathon is. We can put an article in tech today.
2.5 Dots
  We need to change website logo.
  We can't use "MTU" anymore.
2.6 Nanocon
  We should do something for it.
  Could do a LAN party.
3. Junkyard Wars
  Who is invited? General Public
  Need to make quick posters.
  Need to make filmboard slide.
  We need judges. Andrew can do it.
  Do we need food? No, it's right after dinner.
4. Sekhmet RAM
  We need more RAM.
  4x 1GB sticks.
5. mjgardes is 21!
6. Other Topics
  Diaspora alpha released today.
  64 bit flash announced today.
7. Posters. Let's Go.
8. Bai!

Matt Gardeski
Adam Ahlquist
John Pastore
Andrew Meyer
Christian Jacobson
Nick Trierweiler
Peter Marheine
Raven Rebb
Jacob Wiltse
Stephen Ebert
Jay Vana
Jon Nielsen
Chris Hastreiter
Katie May
Beth Russart
Alicia P. Gervais
Josh Knight
Stephen Radachy
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