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0. Officers Reports
  Servers are running fine.
  Dan needs to do table tents.
1. Installathon
  People need to sign up for events.
  We should get rovernet turned on in the peninsula room.
  Dan fails at advertising.
2. Nanocon
  Need to make Ubuntu image to boot in labs with games on them.
  Everyone needs to advertise for their own nanocon event.
  Dan can make nanocon a logo.
3. Penguicon
  3 people are interesting in going
     (Jake, Dan, Andrew)
  Price right now is $35
  April 29th.
  Everyone will sign themselves up.
4. Notacon
  It is in cleveland.
  Weekend before the weekend before exams.
  PM or email agmlego if you want to go.
5. Open Floor
  Open Office broke off from Oracle.
  Do we want to buy new RAM for Sekhmet?
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