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0. Officer's Reports
  Servers haven't melted yet, but Ubuntu 10.10 releases on Sunday, at which time they might do so.
1. Installathon
  It's Saturday, Dan's table tents lie.  Sign up for presentations.
2. Sekhmet
  Andrew ordered more RAM (2GB) for Sekhmet.
3. Other Topics
  dwfreed is working on LFS
  Someone's hard drive died, Toshiba is fail except when the hardware doesn't break.
4. exit(0)

Andrew Meyer
Doug Freed
Peter Marheine
Chris Hastreiter
Stephan Ebert
Beth Russart
Alicia Gervais
Jon Nielsen
Dan Williams
Josh Knight
Stephen Radachy
Jacob Wiltse [good sir late]
Jon Devree (call-in)
Brian McPherson (call-in)
Chuckie (call-in)
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