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0. Officer Reports
  Servers are not flaming
1. Ubuntu
  Coming out at the end of the month
  Everything should be ok.
2. T-Shirts
  We can't get glow-in-the-dark due to lack of interest.
3. Penguicon
  We will probably stay at starxplor's house.
  If you don't have a ticket yet, you should get one, they might run out.
4. Elections Next Week
  Submit your nominations
5. Reading minutes
  Dan needs to read the minutes
6. Open Floor
  Imhotep has fancy RAID stuff in it.
  Takes 20 min to boot.
  We should raise money to buy a proper rack.

Andrew Meyer
Nick Trierweiler
Peter Marheine
Dan Williams
Josh Knight
John Pastore
Beth Russart
Jacob Wiltse
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