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Officer Reports
      Plan on the 22nd

   Lan Party
      All of 113

   Server Status
      HuskyBot thinks some are broken. They aren't.
      kernel.org fail

   Dropbox fail
   Jacob Wiltse - Linux Diskless Boot

Open Floor
   RIP Steve Jobs
   Kernel.org back up, but empty
   Gnome 3.2? Anyone? Anyone? No idea.
      Audience? Possibly high schools?

-Name-                -Major-
Josh Knight           CNSA
Jacob Wiltse          CSS
Kaleb Elwert          SE
Jay Vana              CNSA/Math
Chris Hastreiter      CpE/EE
Luke Mahowald         CpE/EE
Peter Marheine        CpE
Nick Trierweiler      CS
Sthephan Ebert        CS
Katie May             CpE/CS
Brandon Dusseau       CS
Dan Williams          CS
Andrew Meyer          CpE/EE
Doug Freed            CpE
Matthew Gardeski      MSE
Gowtham               ITSS
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