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Officer Reports
  Jake - sekhmet for minecraft is setup and running, mc.lug.mtu.edu. also runs mumble

  All are okay, Fedora mirror fixed itsself

  Room 113A is ready
  Jessica Boss wants a writeup of the LAN party - jake is doing this
  Josh is buying chips/pop, setup is at 11:30am. we need cables.

Server Reports
  Peter is working on the writeup for webhosting and our current config
  We want a google doc so everyone can contribute to it
  Matt and Kaleb aren't here, but should do writeups for next meeting

  Josh did a presentation on LUG mirror hardware and config

Name                Major
Josh Knight         CNSA
Jacob Wiltse        CSS
Douglas Freed       CpE
Warren Green        CS
Peter Marheine      CpE
Nick Trierweiler    CS
Katie May           CpE
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