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<pre> Ideas for improvement of LUG order and structure:

   Post rough meeting structure on wiki mainpage
   Use the wiki to keep track of meeting minutes and to post discussion topics before the meeting
   Wiki editing instead of IRC on projector
   Laptops are not an issue during meetings
   Shut up when someone else is talking
   Potentially elect a new treasurer

Officers are here to administer lug (administrative tasks)

   We're facilitators, not here to keep you entertained.
   Get involved.

Weekly meetings take effort to put together

Presentations on shell commands?

   Simple preparation
   helps people

We will hold presentations if people offer to give them.

   Presentation signup on the wiki
   5-15 minute presentations
   Get approved by an officer
   Make a wiki version for posterity

Hold help sessions in Fisher Hall

   Experienced linux user sits in the fisher lobby on a weekend, just to help people

Command line presentations



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